Each step of life is a journey that you choose to walk.

Each moment of life is another line, sentence, paragraph and chapter of the book called your life.

Enjoy all that life has to offer, good friends, good food, good coffee and as always wisdom and a good laugh.


14 May 2014

Almost Summer...

and the kids are counting it down.

My youngest is saying good-bye to elementary school (can I get an AMEN!) I have been at that school for 11 years so the good-bye is bittersweet, but I am so glad to be down to only 2 schools next year.

My older son has flourished this year in school. He was/is on student council, has had A's & B's all year, has done an outstanding job in band and he came home with all "EXCEEDS" on his CRCT test.

My oldest and only daughter has had many changes this first year of high school. She went to her first Homecoming with a group of friends, made concert chorus, was inducted into the National Beta Club and has maintained A's & B's all year.

Now as we approach summer we are looking to pack up and move to a larger home. The boys need a room of their own, we need an office and well we just need more room. We have not had much luck in finding what we are looking for yet. But as my realtor says, "Your house is out there." I have to believe that.

So what else is I'm sure you can imagine. I have been a total slacker when it comes to blogging. I think part of it is because I've been busy...a little too busy. I have let "other things" stop me from taking the time to have a day to day account of what is going on in my life. If for no one else I blog for me, a journal if you will. I'm glad that you are taking the time to read about my journey.

To be honest we've all been struggling with keeping our schedules in order. I am wanting nothing more than to take control of my time and use what I have better. A prime example is last night. My plan was to go to the gym for a 6:30PM class, well...that did...not...happen. I ended up rushing my youngest to the immediate care because he sliced his finger while helping me prepare dinner. Needless to say, that is an extreme example, but isn't that what happens, other things become priority?

In my last blog (in FEB) I said that I was going to discipline myself for thirty days. I can tell you now, that did...not...happen. So what is one to do? Give up? NO! Try again. As long as God grants you another day, then try again. Your life has the same amount of time in one day as mine - 24 hours. Tomorrow, I will try again, and I encourage you to do the same.

So for tomorrow: THU: my goal is to accomplish these 3 things - read for 30 minutes the Wizard of Oz (the book I'm currently reading) to make it to the gym and work out for 1 hour then walk the dog (my goal is to do this while the kids are at dance) and focus on writing my book. I have put that off too long. My friend Kimberly says if I work on the book for at least 30 minutes a day, then I will accomplish finishing the manuscript.  So here's to trying.

Lastly, goals that I am continuing to work on -> making better food choices day by day - this week the goal is to limit excess sugar, and giving my self an end date to stop smoking. Yes...that is my biggest challenge.