Each step of life is a journey that you choose to walk.

Each moment of life is another line, sentence, paragraph and chapter of the book called your life.

Enjoy all that life has to offer, good friends, good food, good coffee and as always wisdom and a good laugh.


30 November 2009

I don't usually have Mondays...

...but today was definitely a Monday! To start...I knew that I was covering for Mandy's show today so that was not a big surprise. I had a last minute reschedule for a meeting so that freed up a bit of time. I wanted to have some egg nog coffee since watching Iron Chef America last night, but they did not have any at Joe Muggs Coffee, so I settled for a Pumpkin Latte instead. It was real good...and I enjoyed some quiet "me" time (for the record that happens only every so often).

I did manage to get a bit of my "never gonna happen" book started today while I was sipping on my coffee and I managed to get some of the BNI work done that needed to get done today. OK...BNI...that is Business Networking International. I love to network & I love people, so it's a great marriage for me and business. I am part of a new chapter that was started a few months ago and I am so glad that we are growing fast! Ok...sidetracked...sorry.

So my Monday continues as a path of missed phone calls and missed opportunities to meet up with some people that I really need to meet up with. So what was God trying to tell me today? I do know that I have been begging for some quiet time, with just me and God, and I do believe that he gave me that today. It was nice to slow down and just focus on the book and to catch up on some needed organization.

With of my calls was to reschedule my estimate for my tile. I may get the tile in my bathrooms tiled next week...MAYBE...and I may even get the painting started, we'll see how that goes. I sometimes wonder why I am even doing all this home renovation stuff...outside of the fact that I need flooring in my house and the walls are so tore up w/ nail marks that I need a fresh coat of paint, but really I am content w/ my's temporary.

Now my Monday continues with CHILD DRAMA!!!! My youngest is definitely ADHD and it is showing in his math tests. He should be at and 80% but he is only at 40%. Now I am not caring that he is not at 80 because he is improving each week, but I know that the teacher is a bit upset because it reflects on her class. I just tell him to do his best. We are doing what we can, naturally, to keep him focused, and I'm sure that it will get better.

To wrap up my never ending day...choir practice was a bust so to speak and I just finished up with the music for the month of December about 45 minutes age...what a day & tomorrow will be just as crazy, but I'll save that for tomorrow!

~Peace & Blessings~

28 November 2009

Post Thanksgiving...

feels a bit strange this year. We had a real nice Thanksgiving, but I obsessed on not getting upset. I tend to get overwhelmed when everyone gets together. I am not real sure why, I just do. I think it stems from feeling disconnected. I have felt that way from most of my life. I wonder if that comes from growing up in the military. I'm not sure, and I don't know why I fell that I have to "diagnoise" all my "feelings". It should be ok to feel. As a matter of fact the Bible says a lot on feelings, and more importantly not to act upon those feelings. Feelings can be (not always)deseptive. I will try to keep that in mind. So to sum up...Thanksgiving was nice, real nice.

Yesterday I heard that Mandi, our mid-day girl, has Swine Flu. I hope that she is feeling better. I have concerns with switching as the "sub" when a shift needs to be covered. I would rather do my regular then flow into the covering. I don't know if that would be better or not. It's just a thought. Maybe I'll bring that up later on.

I have enjoyed my couple of days off. I did have to work last night @ the Millhouse. It was a pretty good night. It did not end so well though. One of my friends called while I was at work. I called her right back and found out that her sone, who is a special needs child, was sick and asked if I had a nebulizer. I did so I let her borrow it. I hope that he is ok. I love Antonio, he is a great kid. When he gets sick, it's worse than for a normal child. I talked with her today and found out that he is doing ok, but she had to take him to the clinic today.

Today's festivities were very quiet. We chilled out the first part of the morning and then we went shopping for the kids to get them some clothes that they need now that the weather is cooler. After a very whinny afternoon we got home and then my daughter was able to stay at a friends house and me and "all the boys" chilled out w/ pizza and tv. It is now almost midnight and I am the only one awake. I am having nicotine withdrawls and trying real hard not to eat. I figured that typing would help ease the moment. So's not. I'll let you know how it ends. I have quit smoking but I sure do miss it. If I can make it through this battle I think I can do anything. I'll let you know how it goes.

Well that's that for now, I'm going to check facebook and watch a bit more tv before heading into bed.

~Peace & Blessings~

25 November 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

As I am at work this morning I am once again bombarded with multiple thoughts and I am beginning to wonder if I am going to make it through today with my sanity intaked. All week we (my co-worker and me) have been going on air and saying each day what we are thankful for - just one thing. It is more challenging than you'd think. I have to say that God has answered several prayers over the past 24 hours, and I am thankful for a faithful God as I try to stay faithful to Him.

As I have said, I am at work right now. When Bart and I get off the air, I have to track for Sunday and we have to track Friday's show. Off I go on this overcast dreary day to turn in my leased Honda Pilot. I really love my Honda, but I really love not having a car payment more - so I am turning my car in and I am getting my Nissan Altima out of the shop. I have to pay a couple thousand to get it out, but then I'm's paid for and it's mine, so I'm happy. But with that I still have to get the tags for the car and I have drop insurance on the one car and add insurance on the other...all this before going into work tonight.

Mike said that he is working tonight as well. So I called my mom to ask her to watch the children. My poor mom. My poor babies. Two days in a row staying with my mom. I hope they will appreciate her and all that we are sacrificing for each other. It's all in a days work though, right? I know that I am not the only person who stretches the minutes, am I?

All this is what is to be done today, and I am taking the time to blog. I am going to try my best to blog everyday. I'm sure that I will not always have something to say, but it sure does help my poor brain. So what am I wanting to accomplish with this blogging? I am not sure yet. I think it'll end up being a mixture of advice, scripture, testimony, daily life, my frustrations and my triumps. We shall see.

~Peace & Blessings~

24 November 2009


Well hello! My first blog on I have been blogging for a few years now, mostly random thoughts and things that strike me as funny. I will be transferring some of my favorite blogs over to this new site, but for the most part this is a brand new day.

My goal is to blog about my work, my relationships, my children, and to give helpful tips when I see one that is worth sharing. Life is a journey and the best way to remember that journey is to journal it. Hmmm...Journey & Journal...same prefix. I'm sure that is not a coincidence. I suppose I should start with who I am and what I do. Let me introduce myself then...

My name is Jennifer. I was born in New Jersey in 1972. I was the first of 2 children and before my sister was born my dad joined the United States Air Force. You'll learn more about my adventures in the military throughout my blogging. I am currently living in Georgia. I am married and I have 3 wonderful children. They are 10, 9 and 7...and yes they keep me very busy. I work in radio. Not just any radio, Christian radio! I am blessed to be doing what I do, and I'm sure I'll blog more about that part of my amazing journey.

So that is just a bit of who I am...there is so much more, but again...I will blog about that as time passes. I hope that you gain insight as you read my blogs, and I hope that I can encourage you to keep on keeping on. This life is a difficult journey at times, and in those times of difficulty I know if it had not been for good friends, I would not be here today. I'll try not to be to vague, but I am not one to be so explicit either. If you want to know more all you have to do is ask. This is my life, my thoughts, my dreams, my ideals, and I am happy to share all of them with you.

Peace & Blessings,