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Each moment of life is another line, sentence, paragraph and chapter of the book called your life.

Enjoy all that life has to offer, good friends, good food, good coffee and as always wisdom and a good laugh.


27 April 2011

Do you have trouble with FIRE ANTS?

I live in Southeast Georgia and FIRE ANTS are everywhere! Even with a professional treating my yard for these insufferable creatures, they still "pop" up (seemingly overnight). Now I have three very active children and 1 dog who loves to lick everything he can, so I have been searching for a non-toxic method to kill these pesky creatures that seem to constantly invade my yard. And I have finally found one and so I want to share with you the link that I found as I "Googled" my question for my quest to kill in a "humane" way and let you know that I have had success with this recipe.

The link...

And as I have works!!! Happy summer & be ant free!

~Peace & Blessings~

Cool concert...

getting ready to kick off. If you are a Needtobreathe fan or a Taylor Swift fan then you are in for a treat. "Speak Now" tour is kicking off on May 27th and I believe that many will see a great show & receive the good news of salvation through Christ Jesus.

For tour dates and locations check out Needtobreathe's website,

~Peace & Blessings~

21 April 2011

And the Award goes to...

I know that you are really really excited about the Dove Awards this year, and if you want to watch the Dove Awards on Sunday at 7pm on GMC for the full effect, then read no more of this blog OR as I like to say READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! I am going to only give you a couple of the award winners here, but I don't want to spoil the show for you.


Song of the Year: Jason Crabb "Sometimes I Cry"

Artist of the Year: Francesca Battistelli

Group of the Year: NeedToBreathe

New Artist of the Year: Chris August

Male Vocalist of the Year: Chris August

Female Vocalist of the Year: Francesca Battistelli

Song of the Year: Francesca Battistelli "Beautiful, Beautiful"

Pop-Contemporary Album of the Year: Chris August "No Far Away"

Rock-Contemporary Song of the Year: NeedToBreathe "Something Beautiful"

Rock-Contemporary Album of the Year: tobyMac "Tonight"

Congratulations to all the artists that were nominated and won awards for what they do in bringing Glory to the Lord, our God with music and inspiring us to get to know Him more.

~Peace & Blessings~

20 April 2011

I wish I...

had learned more about computers when I was in school! My computer has a "Hidden File" somewhere that decided to mess up my Outlook yesterday afternoon. I am however, very thankful for people who know computers! I just hope that it does not take long to "fix" the problem. It is hard to be at work w/ no email ability. It sort of hinders my work performance!

On the computer works and is not in any danger of crashing -> Blessing!

This past week I have been seeking out where God is blessing people. Not just me, but others around me. I find it to be very important to actively look for blessings, because so many times they are in disguise of "everyday life". When something seems to be going all kinds of wrong, it's great to LOOK for the things that are going right! I know that many people would call this being optimistic, but I call it Looking for Blessings.

Luke 11:13 says,
If you then, evil as you are, know how to give good gifts [gifts that are to their advantage] to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask and continue to ask Him!

So I am looking for the blessing that is coming from my computer not working right, and I pray that I will realize when I see it. So much does God give to us and do for us, I pray that you will look for the blessings too.

Psalm 98:4says,
Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises!

~Peace & Blessings~

18 April 2011

10 Ways to Avoid a Tax Audit

10 Ways to Avoid a Tax Audit
by Barbara Weltman
Friday, April 15, 2011

Provided by The Wall Street Journal

Worried about extra scrutiny from the Internal Revenue Service?

While you can never completely "audit-proof" your business's income tax return, you can take actions that will greatly reduce your chances of being flagged.

Here are 10 ways to avoid a tax audit:

1. Choose your tax return preparer with care. Today, according to the recent National Taxpayer Advocate report, 60% of individuals and even a greater percentage of businesses use paid preparers to do their income tax returns. Yet, preparers now face more intense IRS review. If the IRS believes a preparer is claiming unwarranted deductions or taking other fraudulent steps on clients' returns, then the preparer's clients are at risk for audit.

More from Yahoo! Finance:

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The IRS has eight tips for choosing a tax preparer. Key among them is to check the preparer's history to see if there has been any disciplinary action. For example, if you use an enrolled agent, check with the IRS' office of Professional Responsibility at (include the preparer's name and address).

2. Report all of your income. The IRS uses information returns, such as W-2s and 1099s, to cross-check income reporting. Under its document-matching program, the IRS' computers compare information on the forms with the income reported by taxpayers on their returns. If the information doesn't match, this leads to an automatic audit. But don't panic; it's merely a correspondence asking about the discrepancy. It can be easily cleared up by submitting an explanation by mail if you think you are correct, or paying the tax owed if the omission was your oversight and the IRS is correct.

Sole proprietors, freelancers and independent contractors who use the cash method of accounting may be vulnerable to year-end payment problems. For instance, a sole proprietor that performed work for a client may have received a payment in early January -- but the client might have mailed (and recorded) the payment in December. The client will include the payment on Form 1099-MISC for 2010, but it isn't taxable until 2011. What to do: Include the payment as it is reported on the 2010 return, but then subtract the payment and attach an explanation with the return. Then include the payment on the 2011 return, even though no 1099 will be issued for this year.

[More from IRS Announces Tax Refund 'App' For iPhone]

3. Provide complete information. All questions should be answered and all required information should be included on the forms and schedules necessary for your return. That means if you're a sole proprietor, include your business code number, accounting method, and, where applicable, inventory valuation method on Schedule C. If information is missing, it could trigger a more extensive look at the return.

Also add information where necessary to explain entries or omissions that are not easily understood -- such as in the prior example, when income received in January is reported on a prior year 1099.

4. Avoid claiming deductions that are audit red flags. This advice is easy to give, but unfortunately, the IRS does not say which deductions are likely to provoke a closer look. There are no official audit red flags. While many warn that claiming a home office deduction can prompt an audit, there's no proof of this. If you meet the qualifications for claiming a home-office deduction, there's no good reason not to take the write-off. Check your eligibility in IRS Publication 587, Business Use of Your Home.

A number of years ago, the Government Accountability Office (formerly the General Accounting Office) compiled statistics on deductions claimed by sole proprietors to show the types of deductions relative to the amount of their revenue. Some tax professionals believe that taking more than the "average" can raise an IRS eyebrow, but again, there is no concrete support for this view. A business that is entitled to deductions, even if they are high relative to the amount of their income, should claim them -- but be prepared to prove entitlement if the return is questioned.

[More from Tax Refunds Move to Debit Cards]

5. Don't file certain forms or schedules. Some optional forms and schedules virtually guarantee an audit. For example, if you turn a hobby into a sideline and show a business loan, the IRS may question whether some of your deductions are legitimate. If that happens, you might file a Form 5213, which keeps the IRS from auditing you for the first five years of the business. If you can show that you're profitable in at least three of the years, then the business isn't a hobby and the losses in the other years aren't questioned. The problem: Filing the form virtually guarantees an examination at the end of five years.

Better way: If you have loss years, be prepared to prove that you are operating the activity with a profit motive.

6. Pay attention to details. Math errors or incorrect entries of Social Security numbers or tax identification numbers can easily trigger an inquiry into your return. Math errors can be greatly reduced by electronic filing rather than filing paper returns. In the past, the IRS had said that errors are less than 1% on returns that are filed electronically, compared with about 20% on returns submitted via paper. If an e-filed return has a math error, it won't be accepted; instead it is sent back for correction and refiling.

But information on electronically filed returns is only as good as the information you submit. Reporting $2,000 in income when it should have been $20,000 is your mistake and one that likely won't be noticed as a math error by a computer.

7. Mind your personal entries. If there are entries related to the personal side of your return, this can ultimately lead to scrutiny of your return activities. The IRS selects returns for audit in some cases based on a Discriminant Function System or DIF score, which is based on IRS experience with taxpayers claiming certain deductions or credits within set income levels. For example, if you claim charitable contributions that are higher than the average deductions for your income level, this could lead to a personal audit; the personal audit may be expanded to include your business activities.

[More from How Uncertainty Cripples Us]

8. Change your business status. IRS Statistics show that you are 10 times as likely to be audited as a Schedule C filer than if you incorporate your business and elect S corporation status. While it costs a bit of money to incorporate, the move affords you greater personal liability protection and reduces your chances of being audited. In deciding whether to change your business status, include both tax and non-tax factors.

Note: Forming a limited liability company for one owner will not give you any audit protection, because the owner still files a Schedule C.

9. Watch your state tax return. The IRS has information-sharing agreements with the states. If you are audited at the state level and owe additional taxes because of omitting income or for other reasons, this information is shared with the IRS. The information may then prompt the IRS to contact you asking for additional tax payment or to audit your return in more depth.

10. Plan for an audit, just in case. Because the IRS conducts random audits from time to time (such as a three-year random audit program for S corporations in 2007 and a current three-year random audit program for employment tax returns), any return could be selected for review at any time. Be prepared:

• Compile good books and records for your business activities.

• Retain required receipts and other documentation.

• Use separate bank accounts and credit cards for your business and personal activities.

Retain the records and receipts for your tax return for a minimum of three years (the period in which the IRS usually has to audit a return). However, keep in mind that the period becomes six years if 25% or more of income is omitted from the return, and there is no limit when it comes to fraud.

~Peace & Blessings~

15 April 2011

Relief with Grace

Good news for the victims of last months earthquake & tsunami in Japan. EMI CMG Record label Christian artists have donated personal items & memorabilia to a eBay charity auction. Some of the artist include Chris Tomlin, David Crowder & Josh Wilson & funds from the auction will go to the Red Cross for the earthquake & tsunami victims/survivors in Japan.

~Peace & Blessings~

13 April 2011

Overwhelmed by Gods Goodness

If you do not follow me on Facebook or listen to me on 90.7 WAY Radio, Bart & Jen in the Morning, then this is new news for you, but let me tell you that I am more posting this blog so the next time I have doubt or fear I can come back and read about this day and His Glory & Love.

I can only share as I know being me, so here it all its crazy randomness...


November 2010: My car starting having many many problems that went unresolved. While it was in the shop, a friend of mine, Tammy, let me borrow her car for the week that my car was in the shop. We got the car back the day before Thanksgiving. 1 week after Thanksgiving a piece of the engine ended up in my oil pan! How that happened, I will never know.

December 2010: Mike and I make an "executive" decision...sell the junk car for scrap. We refuse at this point to pour any more money into this car. We are officially a one car family! Shortly after that, the radio station is blessed with a station van!! Wow! We are just overwhelmed with the graciousness of our listeners who pulled this all together. With Luke's blessing I am able to use the station van once a week for meetings and take it home. That to me, is a blessing, and I am so thankful.

Bart tells me that he is going to pray that God provides us with a car. I thank him for praying that prayer for us. I am still trying to dig out of the hole that we got put in trying to nurse a dead car back to life. Many people blessed us w/ food cards and food to get us through the holidays. Again, I am so overwhelmed with the love that is poured out on us by God through His people.

January-March 2011: Mike and I are in a routine. We get up, boys on the bus, drop off the girl, drop me off at work, he picks me up at lunch (except Tuesday & Thursday), I pick him up in the afternoon. It has caused shorten hours, and a lot of juggling, but in the end we are making this arrangement work. Tuesdays I have the station van and Thursdays I rely on friends and family to get me home. It's working. There are days, of course, that we really hate only having one car, but we thank God for that car & that it is running without issues.

April 2011: We are starting to save up money for another vehicle. My gratitude is still in tact during this time of circumstance. Every Sunday I lift my hand when the preacher asks, "Does anyone here today have a need?". I pray not for someone to give us a car, but rather that in His time and in His way that we not be greedy with a car. I just want a good used reliable vehicle. We continue to give to those we can give to in our own way. We tithe, we save, and we pray.


So yesterday...Tuesday. I have a BNI meeting, and as I am going out to the station van, I am just thanking God that I am able to use the van. I thank Him that he always provides, in His way, and that I am always able to do what needs to be done. I thank Him, again. So blessed despite what others may see. I know that God is watching over me.

3:30pm: We are finishing up at the school. I am waiting on the bus that my girl is on so I can get us home and ready for the afternoon and my phone rings. It's my friend, Nicole. I thought she was calling about the Pampered Chef order that was just shipped out. (Yes Nicole is my Pampered Chef connection!!). But that was not why she called...she called to see if we still needed a vehicle. I said, yes we do, but we don't have enough money saved up just yet. We probably won't be able to buy a car for several more months. She says that she is not looking to sell, but to give her van and she knew that we needed another vehicle.

I am immediately thinking that I heard her wrong! What? Really? Give us a car? Whoa...where is this coming from! Yes!! Oh my, YES!!! Now I'm in tears! What a gift! I am thanking Nicole, praising God, and in total shock. Not shock in a bad way, more like when you get the positive sign on the pregnancy test kind of shock.

So here it is today...I have a minivan in my driveway and I will be getting it registered & insured today and begin to get the few minor things that need to be done, done.

So this is just a wonderful reminder of God's love for us, His children, how He provides for not just our needs, but for us. If ever I had a waver of doubt in my faith in God, it is once again been destroyed. He is faithful!!!

~Peace & Blessings~

Toby Mac has done it again

Source is

This week, BMI hosted their Annual Christian Awards ceremony at their offices in downtown Nashville and for the third year in a row Forefront’s multi-platinum selling artist TobyMac took home the award of the night “Songwriter of the Year,” making it his fourth win in this category.

~Peace & Blessings~

12 April 2011

I's been

a week since my last blog. Last week I was on Spring Break with the kids and to be honest with you as much as I wanted to write & blog, I wanted to read and hang with my children more.

Now it's Tuesday. I have been back to work a whole 2 days now & to be is so good to be here. I love what I do! Now I am currently reading this book that is really helping me (and probably not the way that you'd expect). I am reading Eat, Pray, Love and I have already watched the movie. The book, however (as usual), is so much better. Now for me, I am more on the journey of learning how to live without guilt over pleasure and I am really enjoying the perspective that Liz has. that is only part of my journey. The second part of my journey is music. Music, music, music! I have moved my radio/stereo/record player back into the living room and I'm so hungry for the sound of music that I am enjoying all the music that I have not listened to in such a while. I'm very excited about the last couple of albums that have come out as well.

I am looking forward to hearing the complete album of Mandisa & there is 2 more albums out today. Jonny Diaz & Laura Story. So if you love inspirational music with a message I highly encourage you to check out these 3 albums.

Not going to promise I'll blog again this week, but I will do my best. I know that this is going to be a jammed pack week & I must get at least 4 P90X workouts in by Saturday!

~Peace & Blessings~

05 April 2011

From New Release Tuesday...
Check out Mandisa's Testimony & then check out her new album!!

Mandisa continues to be a voice of encouragement and truth to women facing life’s challenges. She returns with her new album What If We Were Real on April 5th. Featuring the new single “Stronger”, the album’s theme centers around the masks that each of us wear every day. Mandisa shares that her new record is “all about taking the masks off, and really letting the world see that we as Christians, It doesn’t mean we don’t go through difficult times, doesn’t mean that things are always great in our lives. It simply means we have a relationship with the Savior who is able to bring us joy and peace in the middle of our difficult times.”

Selling over 380,000 albums, Mandisa’s music and message continues to connect with fans. Her debut album True Beauty was the best-selling new artist album of 2007, and her second album Freedom received a Grammy nomination. With widespread media coverage including The Today Show, LIVE! With Regis and Kelly, E!, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, US Magazine, People Magazine and CNN, this American Idol alum proved she had more than just talent – but something important to say.

~Peace & Blessings~ Jen

04 April 2011

This week & MIT's

Well this week I am taking Spring Break w/ the kids. This was a hard decision for me because I really don't like missing work. I love what I do. But I do love being home too. I am blessed to be a mom that is for sure.

Taking to heart what I've been learning in Sunday School I have implimented my MIT's (Most Important Things) for this week. And I am sure that I'll get them all done.

Today is fairly simple: Laundry, Blog, Meeting & P90X -> I have completed the blog, working on the laundry (2 loads done 2 to go) and my meeting is at 1pm. I have completed a few other items as well...basic stuff like dishes, making the tea and reading Proverbs 4 to the children.

So for Tuesday...Devotion with the kids & then the kids and I get to go through all their cloths and pull out all the winter cloths & donate the cloths that Nichole & Logan have outgrown. That will be an all day ordeal. I also need to call the paper and put the bed & dresser in the for sale section. Then spend quiet time in the evening w/ Mike as the kids are having dinner with their Nanny & Pappy and do our P90X

Wednesday...Beach Day with the youth group. I am looking forward to that! Nothing else on the agenda and I refuse to feel guilty about that! I will have to do my P90X routine early in the morning.

Thursday...home all day -> paperwork, reading and bible study are on the agenda and then P90X with Mike when he gets home.

Friday...will start w/ Bible Study and then go into the station for about an hour, hour & a half and then the kids and I will have lunch w/ Mike on the island...then spend the day at the park so the kids can have a little fun. And of course round out the day with P90X when Mike gets home.

Well that is the game plan anyway...we'll see if it works out that way ;-) You know what they say about your plans v. God's plans for you. They seldom ever match up, unless it is that you ask Him first what it is that you should be doing. I really am looking forward to the week and all that is waiting.

~Peace & Blessings~