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13 April 2011

Overwhelmed by Gods Goodness

If you do not follow me on Facebook or listen to me on 90.7 WAY Radio, Bart & Jen in the Morning, then this is new news for you, but let me tell you that I am more posting this blog so the next time I have doubt or fear I can come back and read about this day and His Glory & Love.

I can only share as I know being me, so here it all its crazy randomness...


November 2010: My car starting having many many problems that went unresolved. While it was in the shop, a friend of mine, Tammy, let me borrow her car for the week that my car was in the shop. We got the car back the day before Thanksgiving. 1 week after Thanksgiving a piece of the engine ended up in my oil pan! How that happened, I will never know.

December 2010: Mike and I make an "executive" decision...sell the junk car for scrap. We refuse at this point to pour any more money into this car. We are officially a one car family! Shortly after that, the radio station is blessed with a station van!! Wow! We are just overwhelmed with the graciousness of our listeners who pulled this all together. With Luke's blessing I am able to use the station van once a week for meetings and take it home. That to me, is a blessing, and I am so thankful.

Bart tells me that he is going to pray that God provides us with a car. I thank him for praying that prayer for us. I am still trying to dig out of the hole that we got put in trying to nurse a dead car back to life. Many people blessed us w/ food cards and food to get us through the holidays. Again, I am so overwhelmed with the love that is poured out on us by God through His people.

January-March 2011: Mike and I are in a routine. We get up, boys on the bus, drop off the girl, drop me off at work, he picks me up at lunch (except Tuesday & Thursday), I pick him up in the afternoon. It has caused shorten hours, and a lot of juggling, but in the end we are making this arrangement work. Tuesdays I have the station van and Thursdays I rely on friends and family to get me home. It's working. There are days, of course, that we really hate only having one car, but we thank God for that car & that it is running without issues.

April 2011: We are starting to save up money for another vehicle. My gratitude is still in tact during this time of circumstance. Every Sunday I lift my hand when the preacher asks, "Does anyone here today have a need?". I pray not for someone to give us a car, but rather that in His time and in His way that we not be greedy with a car. I just want a good used reliable vehicle. We continue to give to those we can give to in our own way. We tithe, we save, and we pray.


So yesterday...Tuesday. I have a BNI meeting, and as I am going out to the station van, I am just thanking God that I am able to use the van. I thank Him that he always provides, in His way, and that I am always able to do what needs to be done. I thank Him, again. So blessed despite what others may see. I know that God is watching over me.

3:30pm: We are finishing up at the school. I am waiting on the bus that my girl is on so I can get us home and ready for the afternoon and my phone rings. It's my friend, Nicole. I thought she was calling about the Pampered Chef order that was just shipped out. (Yes Nicole is my Pampered Chef connection!!). But that was not why she called...she called to see if we still needed a vehicle. I said, yes we do, but we don't have enough money saved up just yet. We probably won't be able to buy a car for several more months. She says that she is not looking to sell, but to give her van and she knew that we needed another vehicle.

I am immediately thinking that I heard her wrong! What? Really? Give us a car? Whoa...where is this coming from! Yes!! Oh my, YES!!! Now I'm in tears! What a gift! I am thanking Nicole, praising God, and in total shock. Not shock in a bad way, more like when you get the positive sign on the pregnancy test kind of shock.

So here it is today...I have a minivan in my driveway and I will be getting it registered & insured today and begin to get the few minor things that need to be done, done.

So this is just a wonderful reminder of God's love for us, His children, how He provides for not just our needs, but for us. If ever I had a waver of doubt in my faith in God, it is once again been destroyed. He is faithful!!!

~Peace & Blessings~