Each step of life is a journey that you choose to walk.

Each moment of life is another line, sentence, paragraph and chapter of the book called your life.

Enjoy all that life has to offer, good friends, good food, good coffee and as always wisdom and a good laugh.


30 November 2012

End of the week...

and end of the month. This month has gone by so fast. It still seems like yesterday when we were rushed out of our home and living temporarily in a hotel while looking for a house to rent, and now I'm staring down at 2013.

I told my daughter yesterday that I need to reassess my 2 year plan and get back on track. She just looked at me like I had grown an extra head, and then asked why. That really is a good question, why.

I think it is important to look at your goals and see where you are in contrast to where you want to be, and then from where you are make a road map to get you where you ultimately want be. Then I think it is just as important to present your goals to God and ask Him if what you want in life is where He wants you to go.

Many people may find it difficult to pray about their goals, plans and life. It seems to me that most people do what they want and then when they run into trouble, they pray. I have found the opposite to be much more effective. When I pray first about the direction I need to be going, then write out the plan with the goals in place, I find it easier to succeed, because I know that if it is God's will, then it will come to pass. Besides, why would I want to stray off the path in which God has already laid for me? He, after all, has my best interest at heart.

So with my words on paper (print), I suppose it is now time to take action. I hope that each of you had a great Thanksgiving, and I pray that you have a Wonderful Christmas season.

~Peace & Blessings~

22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

 Today is Thanksgiving. I really do have much to be thankful for. I have a roof over my head, that we are making a home after loosing our home this past June. My children are all doing well in school and have some real good friends that they get to hang out with. My husband and I both have good jobs and 2 cars that run. We have family that lives nearby and good friends that live down the road.

Yesterday as I was coming home I went past a church that was having a funeral. It made me wonder about the families inside and how they were going to be thankful today, on Thanksgiving. I asked my friend, Sally, who goes to that church, if she knew who passed away. She did, and told me who it was. I knew her, and I know her family. She was a woman of 95 years, who loved God, and had a good life. I knew at that moment that she was now in a better place, with no more sorrow or pain.

So much to be thankful for. Even through the season of loss, it is reassuring to know that God is good, and He alone makes even the darkest times have light. I am praying for my friend, Angie, this week as she lost her Daddy a couple of weeks ago. She has a heavy heart, and is trying to make everything OK. I pray for the families that laid down their mother, sister, aunt and friends today at the church down the street. I pray for the widows and the ones with silent pain that I will never know about that are crying on the inside tomorrow during Thanksgiving.

So enjoy your turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie with family and friends tomorrow. Let them know how much you love them and appreciate them. Laugh with the ones you love and remember those who are no longer with you with a smile in your heart.

~Peace & Blessings~

09 November 2012

I am long overdue...

 for a blog post. I have been extremely busy with life changes and I am still trying to find a new time management schedule. Change is never easy.

So here's an update to those changes.

I have a new work schedule to begin with! This is exciting for me. I am now on Mid-days. With this change, I am now home with the kids in the morning. We have all been trying to adjust to this new schedule, and it has not been too difficult, but it hasn't been easy either. The kids get to sleep in a little more in the morning, but I still want to be out of the house by 7:20 so they are at school by 7:30. Ideally this should work, but it doesn't always work that way.

I also like to be at work by 8AM, but again, that is contingent on getting the kids getting to school on time (My time). So needless to say, I am being taught to have flexibility. The reason I like to be in early is because I have new responsibilities at work, and I like to do that first thing in the morning so that I can focus on clients in the afternoon.

The other reason is because I have been on a workout schedule 3 days a week, and since it's a class...if I miss....I'm out. I have started to see some improvements, but I am really looking forward to reaching my weight and fitness goals!

And finally...the reason I have been so slack on the blogs...I have been working on putting together a women's conference, and it is finally here. I'm holding my breath, saying a prayer, and trying to calm my nerves. I am very excited about this. It's new. It's an opportunity. And most importantly, I want to make a difference in people's lives that will help. I'm so thankful to have that opportunity. I'm also so excited about working with some great friends and ministries.

So there you have it...a quick...update if you will. I will try to get back to my updates and stories, but for now, say a prayer for the conference tomorrow and that lives will be changed!

~Peace & Blessings~