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04 May 2010

My car...

must be really mad at me!!! So today started off normal enough...I went to bed early & did not want to get up this ready for work...prayed...drank coffee... and got the kids ready for the bus...THE BUS...

The bus has been late for several days...which is becoming an issue all on it's own...well today I decided that I would take the kids to school and drop them off (EARLY) and then get to work on time...the reason...because yesterday they did not get to school until 8AM!

Well...that was the plan, but it did not happen...half way to school my car decided that it would shut down...and it did!! Teaching lesson of the day...DON'T PANIC & DON'T STRESS! So I showed Logan how to use the ER Brake. He asked about it just 2 days ironic!

I then called the towing co & my friend to get the the kids got to school on time & the tow co. got me to the garage...and come to find out it was my came loose and some derby got in. Smart car...shut itself down! I'm thankful that it did not happen on the bridge!

So now I'm waiting for my tires. I figured they have my car there...might as well get new tires! Fun stuff :-) So there you have Tuesday adventure!

~Peace & Blessings~

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