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30 June 2011

What Happens In Vegas...Part 3

Dinners and after parties were abound over the quick week in Las Vegas. What was amazing to me was how excited everyone was to see each other. Now, as I have said before, most of us thought we'd never see each other again, so the excitement was not contained!

My dear friend, Larry, and I hung out much of the day on Friday taking care of last minute reunion details, such as paying for the events. Not me...Larry!! He was the "Man of the Hour" or event as it were! Taking care of all the dinner plans and scoping out the spots was a lot of fun.

Once we finished up in the nice "air pumped/air conditioned" casino's we headed outdoors to a Carnival to hang out with some other OkiBrats! What a blast from the past as we sat back and listened to the WHIPITS(the Band of the Day)! They were a '80s tribute band that had a crazy show and great "classic" songs! I was quickly reminded of the Peaceful Love concerts in Okinawa! We had a terrific time!

Dinner at Max Brenner's was fantastic and the food was good too. For once, the food (for a foodie mind you)took second stage. All the talking and laughing and picture taking took center stage. Now let me just tell you this...if chocolate is your weakness...then you'll over do it at Max Brenner's! That place oozes chocolate!

So as a wrap of Friday we all took off for Revolution, a dance club at the Mirage. That place was crazy loud and so much fun! Watching everyone dance around and talk more, laugh more, and take more pictures...I was again reminded of all the fun we all had together in Okinawa. I have to say this though...I have not been to a night club in so long that I was WIPED OUT by time we left...not to shoe broke that night! Yeah...walking around Vegas (even just across the street) barefoot is not such a smart move.

So what to look for in Part 4...the quiet side and wrap up...

~Peace & Blessings~

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  1. I could not believe the amount of food that was brought out at Max Brenner! THe tempura banana dessert!!!!! I got to get more of that!!!