Each step of life is a journey that you choose to walk.

Each moment of life is another line, sentence, paragraph and chapter of the book called your life.

Enjoy all that life has to offer, good friends, good food, good coffee and as always wisdom and a good laugh.


30 September 2011

Weekly Wrap

Amongst the Facebook posts and the Twitter tweets, you'd think I'd be all out of words! Not really...I have found solace in expressing life through my words. I often believe that too many people hold way too much in, and often do not speak enough. Besides, I know if I don't keep a journal, I will forget, and there's just too many good things in life to remember. You know what is really cool (and I learned this not too long ago)...Kings kept a daily record of what went on in their life and they would often ask for a reference from the historian so they could recall an event or person at any given time. I thought that was cool. This week has had its moments of sheer happiness and of course it has had moments of doubts and frustrations. At home it's been full tilt as Mike has been working on a side job and catering. Work at work is still pretty slow. And he has still been having trouble sleeping so he's been very tired. That in itself is a whole other blog. So let's go to this past weeks events... Last Saturday the kids and I went to the Union Avenue concert at BCA. It was a great time of fellowship, and all the guys were just great to meet and have a great heart for the Lord God.
(Johnathon from Union Avenue) Sunday was a great day of worship and as we are coming to the end on the end of times, I have to say that I am encouraged in knowing that not only is there a purpose for this life, but there is a purpose for my life, and I only want to share that good news with others!
This week we have been gearing up for our WAY Radio Free Fall Concert (learn more @ This year's concert, I believe is going to be better than ever! Mark Schultz, 33 Miles, and Finding Favour...what could better!
Had a great meeting with BNI this week...I love BNI! So much fun and I love meeting all these wonderful people that call this community home. Wednesday Bart and I went to a chamber luncheon. That was nice, different, but nice. There always seems to be an agenda...why is that? My boys. They had there first basketball game last night. Since there's not enough players for a full roster, CIA SportsClub ( has made 4 teams of 6 players, with 3 players on the floor at a time. It seemed to work. My boys are on the same team, and it was cool to watch them play together. It's the first time that they have been on a team together where Lil'Man actually wanted to play! For me..that is a victory! The boys team (the "black" team) won last night. But what was the most important thing about that win was they did it together as a TEAM!
There you have week in a wrap. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at 90.7 WAY Radio's FREE Concert...did I's FREE?!!
~Peace & Blessings~ Jen