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01 July 2012

Progress report

Very quickly on the past 10 days (I promise a better blog later in the week)

I am now 40! Yeah, that's right the BIG 4-0! I am so thankful to have made it this far! God is good.

I celebrated my 40th with a "psudo" surprise party. It was so wonderful to just have a "normal" day with all of the uncertainty that is currently our normal life.

As of today, we are still in a hotel. When Tropical Storm Debbie decided to hit us, she decided to flood (only a little, but enough) my den. Our carpet was soaked 2 feet in. So, now we not only have a homeowners claim in, but also a flood claim in.

We only have 1 bid in for the septic. It does not ease my mind when I saw the dollar amount. All I do know is that God has a MUCH bigger plan than what I can see.

So one day at a time it is. We have been so blessed by friends and family who have brought us dinner or have had us over for dinner. It has been overwhelming the neighborly love that we have been shown.

Most of all, we have become "family" to the staff of Comfort Suites. Everyone here has been just so friendly and kind and have really just gone over and above what they needed just to make us feel comfortable.

I'm sorry that this is not more detailed, but really, who needs details, when you have God on your side and you know that He has it all planned out already. He has the details, so I don't really need them. I will keep you up to date though.

~Peace & Blessings~

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