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17 September 2015

The Struggle is REAL!

My kids say this all the time, "The struggle is real!". I'm not sure what they are really struggling about half the time though, TBH (that's to be honest in case you are not up with the acronyms). I've seen hashtags like "#FirstWorldProblems" and "#BlackLivesMatter", "#AllLivesMatter" and several more (but I think you get the picture) and I often wonder why these are even a thing.

Our society has wealth that is wasted, time that is spent on mindless activities, and families that communicate with each other via text on their smartphones even though they are sitting right next to each other. I often struggle with this new reality, but I live it, I am even guilty of this new practice. I know it sounds like I'm just rambling, but I do have a point.

I do not watch the news...for various reasons, but mostly because it's a bunch of skewed information that is being spoon fed to me with a biased point of view already built in. I rather form my own opinion on such issues and not be scolded for my thoughts based on what society has already been fed. So when I do hear of a news story, it is usually big...real big. What has hit home with me first thing this morning is the mass exodus that is going on right now in Europe. No, I don't have all the details, and no, I don't know why thousands of people are fleeing their homes and NO I don't understand why one country closes its borders and will not let people pass through to get to where they are going.

I am reminded of two things: First I am reminded of the ignorance first displayed prior to World War II, and Secondly I am reminded that people are selfish and few look after the whole of mankind. To me this is what should earn a hashtag if ever there was a need for one.

#AllLivesMatter #RealWorldProblems #TheStruggleIsReallyReal


~Peace & Blessings~

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