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15 July 2010

What do you do...

when you feel like you've hit rock bottom? That's where I am at this moment & I have to ask myself if it's worth the pain. I keep trying to do the right things for my family, but then it seems to unravel at the seems when I least expect it. Is it an attack or just stupity on my behalf that keeps causing me to go around the mountain? I'm not real sure, but I know I'm tired & I don't want to fight anymore when it comes to this battle. The biggest issue is of course, money. It seems to elude me at every corner. I know that money is not suppose to be as important as I sometimes make it, but we all need money to fufill basic needs & on occasion those wants that we have as well. It's a balancing act that I seem to be failing at. Miserably.

I have to say this, though, to be lacking in funds for basic needs keeps me completley dependant upon God. I have to look to Him. He supplies all my needs & some of my wants too, but I really think that we must realize that we may have it all, but without God present, we really do not have anything. Maybe that is the lesson in which I need to learn to get over this mountain...but then again, I thought I already learned this lesson. So what is it? Maybe I'm just not disciplined enough to save like I need to. That could be, but I'm not sure.

We all struggle, I know this, but I really needed to get this off my mind so I can concentrate on listening to God for the answer. When I am consumed with a thought it tends to take all my mind & then I can't hear the still small quiet whisper of God. I know that this too shall pass, but in the moment, I'm a bit overwhelmed. OK. That's all.

~Peace & Blessings~

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  1. We spent to years in that tug-o-war with money. I totally understand. We still go round that mountain too. I like to think that with every pass, we reflect him just a little more. Tread that path girl, you're a go getter. I have faith in you that you can do what God has in store for you.