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13 August 2010

It's the little things...

that happen in my day that make me realize that God is ever present. Today was one of those days that was filled with no more stress than normal, but I always have this underlying fear that I may run out of resources before I am able to fulfill what I deem as necessary.

My Friday's usually intale getting ready for work & being on the air by 0730 and then once I am done, I check for the weeks requests for Bumper Stickers and review the weeks prayer requests.

Every other Friday I go with my mom down to Kings Bay Naval Station to go to the commissary. Today was that day. We headed out later than normal because Nichole, my daughter, had "Rule the School" day for her preview of Middle School. I was stressing on the way down today because my eyes were killing me, and for the past month I have been trying to remember where I put my glasses. I don't have to wear them often, mostly for eye fatigue, but my eyes have been killing me and I was at the point of going to by doctor and ordering a new pair...and that is money that I don't have in the budget at the moment. So that was a bit of a stress on my already over active mind.

What brought all the worry back to my glasses was that my daughter had found a pair in the car and asked if they were mine. I said no that those were my friends glasses and I had meant to give them back to her yesterday. I told my daughter just to leave them in the car so I would remember to take them to my friend this upcoming week...
well...I went to put up my sunglasses...10 minutes ago & I saw my friends glasses still in my glasses drawer (yes I have a drawer for glasses) and then I thought...wait a minute, if these are my friends glasses, then whose glasses are in the car? We had searched my car a number of times for my glasses and they were not in there - I was praying all day for God to help me find my glasses so I wouldn't have to buy a new pair and then glasses were in the car! How amazing and awesome is that!

I got my daughter out of bed to tell her what happened and then I asked her this simple question..."Do you know what you call it when this kind of thing happens?" Her response..."A miracle." How much better is that! My daughter recognizes when God moves in daily living! That too, is a miracle!

~Peace & Blessings~

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