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05 August 2010

A week's worth...

of catching up. I will do my best to be brief, but since this is my journal as well I want to make sure that I don't leave anything out...

So as I said last week, God has really been working on my heart these past few weeks. I have been praying for change, yet I have been resisting at the same time. Sound familiar? Yeah, I do that quite often. I'm only human. But I have been making the changes that He is asking of me.

I knew that the time had come for me to put my 2 weeks notice in at my part time job at the Brunswick Millhouse, so I did that & yesterday was my last day. This time when I said I was quitting I meant it & I am at peace. Last time I was going to quit, I did not have peace about it and kept a shift & then over the summer worked 3 nights a week. I knew that God had a purpose for me working there & I knew that I was not going to be done there until He said so. And now He has & this is why...

I met Lisa. Lisa has lost a child & she is one of my chapters in the book that God has called me to write. I am scared to death about writing a book, but I can't fight God anymore...He is intent on me doing this, I have no peace when I set the project on the back burner. I'm also scared to death about this book, because I am not sure how to proceed, but I know He does so I walk with faith. When I met Lisa, it was about a year ago and this past Friday is when she came to my house & shared her story with me. I saw her 2 weeks ago & I said, that's it, you have to do this chapter before you leave & she did. Now I have peace with leaving Millhouse. I guess that is a round about way of sharing my small part of the story & how God has been working on that part of my life.

So that is only 1 part. Now I am living on the promise that God will provide for me and my family financially without me working a part time job. I am dedicating my time in improving what I do for the station. I know that what I do for the station is "part time", but I love it so much that I really can't see myself doing anything else that is not related to the station or the ministry. I have been asking God to help me focus on what He wants me to do in my life for Him & He keeps pointing me back to where I am. So when the kids go back to school in a couple of weeks I am really looking forward to sitting at my desk for the first couple of days and reorganize my efforts & my thoughts.

The 3rd area that I have been asking God to work on in my life is my family and marriage. I have been on a long and bumpy road as far as relationships go, and right now I can see where I need to work...on me. I have to thank my friend Gail for giving me the book "Every Woman's Battle" to read. It has really opened my eyes on my relationship with Mike. I know the kind of woman and wife I would like to be, and I pray that God will help me get there.

I know that I have given a lot to chew on. I know that when I look back on this blog I will be amazed at where God has taken me from this point.

~Peace & Blessings~

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  1. Wow...God's really working you over right now! I know you can do it!