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28 September 2010

I was blocked...

from by blog page for a couple of days & that was...not so say the least. I really enjoy blogging and when I feel like I "need" to and can''s very frustrating to say the very least.

So there's a lot that has happened and that is about to happen so I just want to give an update. I gave up on the "short" because...well it's not short. And I would like to remain honest as I blog about what is going on in my said life.

Last week I finally gave up my need for controlling the finances over to God. Don't you know that as soon as I did...we once again had $0 in the account...and that is not figurative either...I truly had no money...and I have many bills to pay. Then Mike's car stopped working yesterday!! Yikes! So I just threw up my hands and said..."It's all yours God. I have no control.". He really is in control. Needless to say, our needs have been met and are still being met. I realized that I was and I am under a spiritual attack. I refuse to take back what I have given to God...I am trusting for Him and Him alone to take care of not just my needs, but the needs of my family. I never realized how controlling I have been over what is not even mine to begin with, so with that I surrender.

Are you in that place? Do you try to control life? Do you think that you can control what is going to happen next? I would say that if you have those thoughts then you need to have your brain tweeked. I control my life about as much as I control my heart beat...hhhmmmm...just food for thought. So with that, I refuse to look at my finances as my finances. It is God's to use through me. With that I pray that I become a better steward of what He has for me to be a steward of.

I read the parable of the talent this morning and it really made me think. I had to ask myself, am I the one with 1 coin? If so, then I need to not bury it, but use it and invest it & have it double. Our God is a God of multiplication and that is one of the reasons why His Ways are not our ways, and one of the reasons why it never seems to "make sense" when it all works out. So stop holding on tight to that talent and release it for His Glory and let God multiply your life.

~Peace & Blessings~

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  1. I had missed this post during my hiatus! Jen, you are truly wise to know better than try to control everything. The serenity prayer plays a major role in my life for this reason -- I know my life has also been spiraling too, although I'm not sure it's out of control. It's spiraling into new territories which I'm not so familiar with and that feels "out of control", but I trust that if I take it in stride I won't go nuts.

    I hope things settle down for you, my lovely sistah!

    p.s. your daughter's baptism photos are lovely -- she is as cute as you! :)