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03 September 2010

Praise, Praise, Praise...

is on my mind! I have been praising God for the past hour in an overflowing and overwhelming way. I have to tell you though that this has been a very hard week this week & so to come to share w/ you the praise I have right now I should back track on this weeks events.

MONDAY: End of the month calling & I am stressing out! I don't feel like I am going to get everything done. And I go out of town next week!!! OK...Jennifer...breathe.

I get on my knees and pray

TUESDAY: Last day of the month and I am feeling desperate...things are not right in my spirit. I am praying for God to use me and don't you know I blow it within the first 2 hours of even being awake! That crushed my spirit & I was cut to the quick with how things went between me and my friend. I grieved and prayed all day Tuesday & even when I took the boys to practice...I was still feeling like I messed up. Through God's great presence I felt comfort in knowing that I was forgiven

WEDNESDAY: Restoration through forgiveness. My friend and I worked through our conflict and the enemy did not win that battle. I was praying and praising God for His guidance and that I yielded to His obedience. I was humbled that I was asked to help with the youth praise band & I really have a sense of where God is leading me right now. I am still praying for God's provisions...and I must stand firm on knowing that He is faithful!

THURSDAY: I had sent the proposal for a job that Mike's bidding on. I am praying that we get this job. It will help us through the next couple of months. I was able to be a part of a woman's panel for MOPS and I was encouraged in knowing that I was being used by God to help others. Later that day I also talked with a friend of mine who I have been praying for. She is a mentor and two children (youth)that she know both tried to commit suicide. To stay strong and work through such strong emotions is a tough thing to go through so I have been praying for God's strength for her as she is there for them.

In between MOPS and Tap...I sat in my room for a while & just prayed to God, calling out for Him to hear me & to help me in my faith & to stay faithful in his word and know that his word is truth. The fact of the matter is that this was my breaking point of everything going on around me and I knew that I was being deceived, but when you are in the middle of the attack you cannot see clearly. I knew that the only way was to recite scripture and to pray and to stay steadfast in my faith, even if it did not seem possible.

FRIDAY: A new day with the same prayer. I find out another friend's family is being attacked. A family member has attempted suicide. I am praying for her and her family. Another friend is being challenged with the temptation of not being obedient to God's word and allowing her husband to be head of the house and I am praying...and praying while I'm sitting in the control room at work. Then I see there is a new email. It's from the contractor that we sent to bid proposal to. I am nervous, more nervous than I have been in years. I open the email and find that we are awarded the job! I call my husband with the good news. I am about in tears with Thanksgiving & then I get on my IM to share with my friend the good news. She has been praying for us too and she and I were talking about all the good things that God is doing in both the ministries that we are a part of and what is going on at home....I am busting out in Praise to see God's mighty hand at work in a very very real way!

I know that this is a lot, but I am just so overwhelmed by His mercy and love. I have posted Psalms & I am just overwhelmed by His steadfastness. I know Him and He knows me...what a humbling day this is. Thank you Lord for you are Great. Much Greater are you than any.

~Peace & Blessings~

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