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14 September 2010

Reflecting on...

the events of the past week. It was another wonderful experience at Momentum and I met some really great people that have a heart for Jesus. It is so awesome to meet those that you'll be spending eternity with.

When I got back home Saturday evening it was wonderful to see my children and their faces just light up when they saw me! There is nothing quite like the love of a child.

After a very busy Sunday, my daughter was ready for bed and I knew that she was still not feeling well. She had been picked up from school on Friday by my mom. I took her to the doctor Monday and she has a sinus infection. I remember how a sinus infection feels...they hurt, bad. She is still resting.

I hate that I'm missing work two days in a row, but I know that I need to be home for her and with her. So today I have already cleaned up the kitchen, set the tea and got about half my work done.

The boys have football practice again tonight, and I know that they are going to be worn out after two days of practice in a row. It takes a great commitment that can only be taught through starting and completing a task. Not easy to teach, but necessary and sports is a good way to teach that lesson. Work through the tough parts and enjoy the fun parts. It's a lot like life.

So this morning when I walked outside I saw a bakers dozen of bubble bees gathering pollen and it made me think about God's provisions. I can't say that I live day by day with the thought of security. I have to rely on God's daily provision for me and my family. I know that any struggles that I may have is only to help me grow closer to God and I also know that the enemy would love nothing more than for me to lose my faith in that provision. I have to admit that I'm scared to death of not having enough money or time, but I also know that all this is so temporary anyways and I have lived through worse so I know that I will live through this. Unlike my past experiences, this time I know that God has my back and I know that He is faithful to those who are faithful to Him. My prayer is that I am faithful enough and trust Him for every need that I have and that my family has.

I am in the midst of a struggle that I am not strong enough to go through alone and I'm so thankful that I do not have to go through this valley alone. So I will continue to pray and my hope is that my story and struggles, if you can relate to them, will help you as well. Know that our God is big enough to take care of every need.

~Peace & Blessings~

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