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03 December 2010

Less is More

I was very very tired this morning as I got into work. I went out last night to a Christmas function & then grabbed a bite to eat, but 0430 comes way too early no matter who you are. So as I was struggling to focus I grabbed up one of the magazines that we have here at the station. There was a real good article in the Dec 2010 issue of STV (Sharing the Victory). The ability to not be busy. Now that is a wild concept. We always assume that if we are "busy" then we aren't being "lazy". I beg to differ. In many ways I believe that we GET "Busy" in order to not deal with what is really IMPORTANT.

Honestly now, ask yourself these questions...

1. What is more important...the dishes or 5 minutes of "play time" with the kids?
2. What's more important...going to church (for the sake of being seen) or staying home with a sick family member?
3. What is more important...answering your always ringing phone or spending 20 minutes in the Word of God?
4. What's more important...scanning through useless internet pages to "find" something good to read, or spending time in prayer?

I think you get the idea. Here's the bottom line...less is more. When my phone was not working a couple of weeks ago...I really enjoyed not having the "obligation" of answering my phone. It was very FREEING! I'm not saying that it is not important to have a way to get in touch, what I am saying is that by not having a phone made me focus on meeting people - face to face & to focus on what I needed to, instead of rushing to the next sound that my phone made.

Take a look at the FAMILY CALENDAR. We all have one...that is where everybody's life is "penciled" in. Go through it as a family and decide what is really important and what can be released for someone else to do or for anther day. We must be intentional with our lives, just as Jesus Christ was intentional with His life here on earth. If we are to call ourselves "Christians" then we need to follow the example of "Christ".

~Peace & Blessings~

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