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03 June 2011

All Aboard and...

full steam ahead for the weekend. I'm tired and it has not even begun yet ;-) So what is on the agenda you ask?

Well as I am wrapping up my morning on 90.7 Way Radio's Bart & Jen in the Morning, I have already prepped and sent invoices and prepared for Sunday's show! Now I just have to enjoy the rest of my air shift and then post a few envelopes. All in all, I'd say a productive and fun morning!

When I get home today it will be time to pack bags! Not for me though...for the kids. They are all getting ready for different activities. "T", my older son is preparing for his first camping trip without his older sister or younger brother. I know that he is excited, but I have to say...I'm a bit nervous. I know that I shouldn't be. I remember that my daughter went on her first long trip at age 10.

Sissy is spending the weekend with G-Ma. They are going to be working on their jewelry. She really loves making necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. She'll enjoy herself (as she always does) with my mom.

Tonight Mike is catering and so the kids, my mom and I are going to see a our local Steps of Faith dance company perform their spring production! I am really looking forward to watching these fine young men and women dance for the Lord!

Tomorrow is another day filled with much! Of course Karate and then T will be belt testing. Right after photo for the directory AND to drop off the Boy so he can hang with one of friends for the night. Now as to whether or not T will be staying home or hanging with a friend is yet to be determined...but either way Mike & I (maybe T) will be going to see comedian Jeff Allen. So it's going to be a full weekend.

I am really looking forward to spending quality time with my family this weekend and to also give them a "little space" to be who they are and discover more of who they are with just friends.

Happy Weekend!!

~Peace & Blessings~

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