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10 June 2011

Camp, Camping and boats...

Have all been a part of this week! Did I mention surgery, gourmet ice cream and put-put? Well yeah...that has all been this week too.

Monday was the beginning of camp. T-Man left for Children's Camp in the "Wee Hours of the Morn" and Nichole and Lil'Man began Sports Camp with a local sports ministry called CIA Sports Club ( At first Lil'Man did NOT want to a matter of fact he became a master of fake tears. But when I picked them up and asked how it was the response was, "AWESOME!!!!". So it was a good week for camp.

Tuesday was all about "THE GIRL". As you may recall this past December she slammed her face into a flat black pole in the dark in front of the dance studio. Well on Tuesday she had a laser procedure done on the scar. She may have to have one more, but we'll see in about 4 weeks. After we were done we went out for some gourmet ice cream. It was very delicious! If you are ever on St. Simons Island, GA...I highly recommend MOO COW CREAMERY!!

Wednesday I was SPENT! By the time I got the kids from sports camp I was worn out, tired and hot! Lil'Man was cranky and tired (although he denies the tired part). So we took Wednesday night off and did not go to karate or Bible Study. Instead we did homework, music class and chores...and then of course the kids wanted to play in the water sprinklers ;-)

Thursday was fun! Right after my air shift I took the kids to camp and I stayed to volunteer. I had so much fun helping out while the kids were playing ball. I had a chance to really learn more about the ministry and how God has lead Allen to this point. It is so amazing to hear others share the love of God as He reveals Himself to those around me. I am humbled by His unending love for all of us!

Friday...oh yeah...that's today! Today has been another wonderful day filled with so much. As I finished up my work and headed home, I had to stop by to see a friend. Amazed again by the stories of God's love and grace I then headed home to get the kids ready for their day. We finished up the housework, watched a little TV and then took Nichole to her friends house as she was invited to go camping. Then it was DATE TIME!

Lil'Man and I went out and had a blast (in the this South Georgia heat). First we went and played a round of Put-Put, then back to Moo Cow's for some more delicious frozen treats, and then we went down to the Marina to look at the boats. While we were there I met a wonderful retired couple, and Lil'Man and I were invited to "Come Aboard". Lil'Man was so excited because all he kept saying was, "I want to go on a boat." God answers all prayers, and this one was answered with a "Yes". Come to find out, they have been here 11 years, now retired, have a wonderful church home, and yes...listen to 90.7 WAY Radio, . So they recognized me after a few minutes of talking and we began to share more about God's goodness and how He is so faithful. Lil'Man and I were invited to take a quick cruise, but we graciously declined this go round. I needed to stay on land because it is almost time to get T-Man. The boy has been gone from me for 5 days and I am ready to see him!

Once he gets home -> it's off to Grandma's to pick some more blueberries! I just love the blueberries! Well there it a nutshell. Oh yeah...did I mention it's almost my birthday? Well it is...less than 2 weeks away, and I'm looking forward to celebrating with my OkiBrats in Vegas! I am sure to post all about it, but until then...

~Peace & Blessings~

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