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28 June 2011

What Happens in Vegas...Part 2

Our trip to Las Vegas was very routine. I have not flown in 6 years so any new changes that TSA has implemented were beyond me! 3oz of liquid in a clear zip lock bag that must be quart that really going to stop someone? Shoes off and then proceed to get scanned (which I prefer over the physical "body search"). Now what gets me is that people in front of me still did not "follow directions"! I felt like asking them if they were still in elementary school...being taught how to follow directions. As a parent I expect my children to follow directions; so be default I expect adults to do the same and not hold up the progression of getting through security!

Once we arrive to our destination I was so excited! So close to seeing friends from Okinawa! So here it birthday! My 39th birthday as a matter of fact and I am going to celebrate it in Vegas...not even a dream come true...just very fortunate for the timing of it all! As Mike and I met up with my friend (and brother) Larry, we were trying to get a taxi to head up to the site and the gentleman at the door offered us a limo instead for a very reasonable price! So why's MY BIRTHDAY! Off we go on my first limo ride -> in Vegas -> with my husband and long time friend! Scratch one off the "Bucket List"!

We head up to the Palms hotel to the very well known Ghost Bar and slowly all the Oki Peeps that were in town began to come up and hang out. It was beautiful...the skyline, the breeze and the calm atmosphere. I don't think I could have asked for a better birthday! Laughter and stories abound as people began to arrive and I just loved seeing so many people...those I knew well, those I "knew" and those who left the island before I was all so EPIC (as my kids say).

As the buzz of the reunion got underway I began to realize that I have been planning for this moment for 2 years! 2 years! I don't think I've ever planned for anything that far in advance, but I am so glad I did this time! Thanks to all for making Vegas so memorable.

Part 3...the bands...the dinners...the parties...

~Peace & Blessings~


  1. What a great start to our reunion weekend! I did not know what to expect at first other than folks that said I will be there. It sort of the nervous butterflies before the first date. Then it started Alumni started arriving and then before we knew it there was a pretty large group of folks at the Ghost Bar!

    Hands down the most awesome spot to view the night lights of the Vegas strip! Big Thank you to Shawn Stacy for the Hook up on this!

    Just as Jen mentioned, I soon too realized that the 2 years of planning since the Portland reunion was here and we were off to a great start. I kept seeing again and again - Alumni hugging other alumni, smiles and laughter on each person's face. I could not have been happier to see the alumni family reunite!

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