Each step of life is a journey that you choose to walk.

Each moment of life is another line, sentence, paragraph and chapter of the book called your life.

Enjoy all that life has to offer, good friends, good food, good coffee and as always wisdom and a good laugh.


12 March 2012


is on my mind. I'm sitting in the studio getting ready to go on the air and I'm racing ahead to later today and even later this week. No wonder I feel at times that life is on full speed. I have to STOP! Whatever happen to enjoying the moment.

I was like that on Friday too. My whole thought on Friday was, "Get the taxes done!". Well they are now done and sent in, and I'm so thankful that part of my life is OVER!

After taxes were officially filed I took the kids over to the store. My daughter was itching to spend some of her birthday money. I had only 2 of the kids with me. My older son, Thomas was enjoying some "Grandparents" time with my Mom & Dad. It was not "ideal" for my youngest to be shopping for girl clothes, but I took him over to see what he was in for summer wear. That seemed to perk him up! So as fast I rushed to Friday it came and went.

I realized on Saturday, that is was an almost perfect Saturday. We weren't rushed out the door to get to Karate4Christ. Nope...I was up on time, prepared breakfast, and we had a great Bible lesson (thank you Sharon) and a great karate class. I have to say my favorite was watching Riley spar. She is going to be a powerhouse one day!

After karate, we cleaned up the house, and it was not stressful! Maybe because the kids were motivated by the anticipation of what was next on the agenda. Nichole (my now 13 year old) was heading out for the day with her Nanny & Pappy (My in-laws) for her 2nd Birthday Weekend (we tend to celebrate all month long on the weekends). The boys and I were heading out to the skate park. My boys love to skateboard, we just don't get to go to the skate park that often. They wanted to stay all day, but I knew that was not going to happen.

While we were at the skate park we saw some people that we know. That always makes a day at the park better. What was great was that I had my dogs with me and one of the skaters was taking action shots with his camera and asked if he could take a photo of my puppy girl, Daisy. I said sure. It turned out great!

After we finished up at the park, the boys and I headed over to St. Simons Island to meet up with Mike and take the dogs to the beach. That was, however, a short trip. The winds were blowing at 35 MPH, and it was whipping around us to the point of pain because of the sand whipping up against our skin.

Before I left to the skate park I did one of the smartest things EVER! I had set the clocks ahead an hour already. That way when we got home from our fun day out, the kids would still go to bed "on time" but they would not realize that they were loosing an hour. I even went to bed early/on time. That helped in the long run because I was at church at 8AM to prepare for Worship. And worship I did. I felt so overwhelmed by God's presence yesterday that I could not do anything but sing His praise.

Renewed...I know I have an extremely busy, crazy week ahead of me, but if I just enjoy the moment and do what I am suppose to do, when I am suppose to do it, I won't be overwhelmed, I won't get anxious and I know I Can Do This....with God's Help!

~Peace & Blessings~