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05 April 2012

Vaca in the ATL...

and I had a real good time. The kids and I went up for a little get away and to visit a lifelong friend. Well she's more than a friend, she's my Mom #2. Has been since I lived in MO and met her. I'll be honest, I don't really remember meeting her, I've seem to have always just known her and throughout our travels (me as a BRAT & her as a Military Wife) we have always managed to stay in touch. She has been to all my kids baptisms and we have just enjoyed sharing life together all this time.

 This trip was more for a retreat, but I sure had a great time. Martha and I took the kids to Dixieland Fun Park on Saturday. We rode the zip line...more like zip chair on a line, but it was still really cool. Lil'Man was terrified at first, but loved it once we took off! I love watching my kids conquer fear! The one we all loved too was the octopus. That has always been one of my favorites!

Church on Sunday was a nice change. It's always good to worship God with a different perspective of worship. I was so proud of the kids too...they stayed in worship with me and they remained very in no outbursts. Some of the greatest joys in life is pleasing other people, and Martha is great at that! She took the girl and bought some materials to make designer flip flops. Oh, the girl is so excited to make and sell her new items!

While they were out doing the shopping, I took the boys for a walk. Well I walked, the boys skateboarded & heelied (you know the shoes with the wheels in them) down the hills (falling a few times I may add) until we got down to the park (about 1/2 mile).

I watched the boys call out to a Canadian Goose. I thought for sure Lil'Man was telling that bird to come over and play with his duck call, but I told him that I was walking away because those birds chase & bite!


That evening, the girl prepped and cooked dinner. It was delicious!

Ahh, Monday was good. I thought we were going to do some window shopping, but it turns out that most of the shops in Fayetteville are closed on Mondays. So with that, I took the kids for a Blizzard and then went back to give the boys to Martha. She was taking the boys fishing while the girl and I went out to get a mani/pedi that was long overdue (that was my birthday gift to her last month). After it was all said and done, our nails look great (still!) and then we grabbed a coffee and walked around a real cool art gallery before heading home.


 That evening, I prepped and cooked dinner. It was my roast...yup...moist & delicious! The girl...she made the dessert!

 Our last day in Atlanta...Martha and I took the kids to the High Art Museum. OK, first of all, can I just say that I was not expecting it to be SO BIG! It was awesome!

 I really wanted to show the girl some of the artists that were on display. They had an exhibit called Picasso to Warhol. It was pretty cool. Loved that the boys enjoyed it too.

We took them through some of the other exhibits too and they were able to see how different cultures from different time periods used art as an expression of what was going on in society at the time the artist. That to me was cool.

Homeward bound after that and we had a nice ride home with only a few rain showers and a few spats in the car, but overall...a very enjoyable trip. So good to be home though, to see my husband, the dogs, my bed...

Vacations are great, but coming home is better. 

~Peace & Blessings~

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