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20 January 2013

A little down time...

is what is in order at the moment. I don't seem to have a lot of down time, so when I do, I truly enjoy it.

Some of the new changes that we have started since the first of the year have really had some great positive affects on my family and to be honest, on me. I really like our family Tuesday game nights and that we have been going out to our local county park for the kids to enjoy skateboarding, tennis and the playground while my husband, the dogs and I enjoy the 1 mile walk path around a man made pond. I honestly believe that these "little" changes are going to make big differences in our lives, and will give us a stronger family foundation.

It may not seem like much right now, but when a relationship becomes stagnant or strained then it's time to think outside the box and work on the parts that are not working or broken. If changes are not made (when even just one of you) then bigger problems are right around the corner. I know for me it has to be a mind change. To find the good and right in each relationship and work on the parts that aren't. That is my goal this year, to LOVE and to be my best for the ones that are closest in my life. I want the ones that I say I love the most, to get the best of me, not the worst.

I remember in Karate Bible Class yesterday that one of our adult students had shared this true concept with the pre-teen/teenagers that I teach. She said, that most of the time we are nicest to the people we don't even know and we are the most awful to the ones we say we love the most.

So how are you loving? Are you taking time to spend with your family, your husband, wife, children, parents? Love them more than you love anyone else. Take time to play a game, prepare a meal, or go to the park.

~Peace & Blessings~

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