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11 October 2013

3 months...

has gone by already? Sometimes I believe that the days just go by way too fast. I remember as a child I thought that the days just DRAGGED on and on and on. Not anymore. So since I have failed at keeping a weekly blog update, I suppose I should start fresh.

But first a recap -

AUG: School started, a wedding, a birthday and of course...humid and hot (not bad for a recap)

SEP: Fall Concert, a birthday and of season (my team is 0-4 {a perfect record})

OCT: Half way through and it's been a tough one.

Over the past few weeks a lot of "changes" have taken place in my "little world"

One of my dear friends is being sent home, to South Africa, because of delay in work visa paperwork. Her family has been in the country for over 14 years, and now...they are being forced to leave. We have been praying for God's Will to seen and to be honest, it has, just not the way any of us thought. We were thinking of buying her house, but God said NO. Then they thought they'd have to short sale, God said NO. Instead God said - here is a person that needs to rent your house for about 9 months and oh by the way, you now have a house in South Africa to rent for about 9 months, and I'm still working on your paperwork and you will have to TRUST me. You husband's company will allow him to continue working while in South Africa. I'd say that is a much better plan because now I'm praying that she and her family will return to us again.

Remember the car that God gave us? has finally died! YUP...a goner...RIP. Praise God, we had enough money and resources to put a good size down payment on a newer vehicle! I now have AC!! Woot-Woot. I don't much care for the car payment, but it is only for a short time and after four plus years of living in bankruptcy....I'll take it! God is so allow us to have a running car up until we could afford to buy another one. There were so many close calls, but I see His provision.

This past neighbor 2 houses down...lost their home to a house fire. Everything...GONE! It was so surreal to see their house burn down. My heart just broke. Praise God no one was in the home. All three kids were at the sitters. I have seen God's people move to help her out with clothes and food. Others are helping her to find a new place to live and others said they have furnishings to help her start over. AMAZING! My youngest son has been praying, reading his Bible and crying over this situation, because the house...was his friends house. I love that my son has a heart for others who are hurting, and that he has been praying and reading his Bible, but it does break my heart to see him so sad.

My final thought...I have been praying about what to share with you on a regular basis, and God has not made that too clear as of yet. I'll be sure to let you know as soon as He does.

 Well there you have it a wrap up of what is going on in my life. Maybe you can relate to some of this or maybe you can join me in praying for each of these situations. Either way. Thanks for reading.

~Peace & Blessings~

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