Each step of life is a journey that you choose to walk.

Each moment of life is another line, sentence, paragraph and chapter of the book called your life.

Enjoy all that life has to offer, good friends, good food, good coffee and as always wisdom and a good laugh.


18 October 2010

I am able to...

breathe again! The craziness of the past week is now behind me and as much as I loved everything that I did, it was still a bit too hectic for me. So to recap...

Football is now half way through the season and Thomas really seems to enjoy playing the game.

The spaghetti fundraiser for Karate 4 Christ was a success on Friday night. Over $800 was raised for the mats. I'd say that's not bad for a first time fundraiser.

Speaking of karate, that is going very well. I am enjoying the classes every week and hope to get better. The kids love it too and I'm so glad that we have this activity to do together.

The beach concert was a HUGE success!!! I enjoyed every moment of the concert this year and it was great to meet Mike from Above the Golden State and I really enjoyed spending time with my friends, Sidewalk Prophets. I got to know Kutless better during the concert and it was great. Nothing is greater than getting to know those that you'll be spending eternity with and it's always refreshing to know that who they are during the "show" is who they are behind the scenes. I have a deeper respect for all of the bands that were here over the weekend.

So now that the "crazy" week is over I can now look at what is next. Yes...there is always a next. I have been preparing a study on forgiveness. It will be a 6 week study and I am really looking forward to this lesson. I believe there is still so much to learn about forgiveness and how to forgive.

So as for now...I feel calm and I am ready to "BE" rather than "DO".

~Peace & Blessings~