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18 October 2015

Junk Mail

I had a couple dozen ideas that past through my mind this week about what to really focus on. This morning, as I was going through my inbox of emails I realized that I have more junk mail than anything of importance. Why have I not taken the time to "unsubscribe" to these pesky promotion emails that I receive on a daily basis?

I suppose I have not done so yet because I have a fear of missing out on that one deal that I can actually take advantage of, or maybe it's because even if I do, once I use the service again I'll be receiving those pesky emails once more. I know better, and should take the minute it takes to unsubscribe, but there they sit.

These emails bring me to a very basic life question, why allow all the junk? It's true. There's junk food in my pantry, there's junk mail sitting on my desk, there's junk that clutters my life in the form of false friends and drama. I'm like a mental and spiritual hoarder.

It should be easy to let go of the things that we don't need, don't use, or that hurt us, but it's not. I believe this all stems back to habits. We get use to daily occurrence that are annoyances, because  they are not bothersome enough to do anything about them. What we fail to realize is that this junk becomes toxic in our lives and we need to do something about it.

I want to get rid of as much junk from my life as possible. All the negative, toxic, and time sucking entities need to go so that I can focus on what is positive and healthy as well as spend time with those who are important in my life. Sounds great, right, so how do we do that?

Just Junk the Junk!

Start small and work you're way through some very easy steps.

1. When you are going through your emails and it's more of a nuisance to delete than read, maybe you should unsubscribe from the user - delete the junk! And if it's traditional mail, just shred it (or rip it up) and through it in the trash. If you set it down on your table or desk, there is a high likely hood it will just sit there and pile up.

2. Social Media in a frenzy? Maybe it's time to stop receive notifications of the pages you like or the friends that have nothing but negative things to post. You don't have to read it, just because it's posted. There is such a thing and TMI. And while on the subject of Social Media, remember, once it's out's out there. Think before you post or you could be creating more junk than needed.

3. Do first things first. It's a simple concept that is neglected too many times a day. Make a list (yes...a list!) of your priorities. Make your list everyday with what you want to improve on in your life to get rid of the junk until it becomes your new habit.

Example: If you say you need to drink more water in a day, write it on your list and then set a reminder for yourself.
I am a believer in a simple life. When there is less to focus on that distracts you, then you can begin to focus on what really matters; your faith, your family and your goals.

~Peace & Blessings~

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